My body won’t stand by me.

How often I tried,

to not feel,

to not hurt,

to not crumble.

My body doesn’t stand beside me…

They tell me,

it’s my mind.

A blur,

a casket,

a song,

a swallow,

the flight to nowhere,

I come home again.

They tell me, it’s me…

My body cannot stand by me.

Echoes of your voice,

your humble beginnings,

of stolen smiles,

laughter in the corridor,

she sticks.

Of dawn, days & nights,

spent in ignorance,

of riddles in your words,

and the silence of your eyes,

she beckons.

It’s quiet out there,

I would like to take that walk with you,

but my body won’t stand by me…

Sleep…she whispers.


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